Children with parachute

2024 Children and Youth

From tots to teens, and everyone in between

Nothing brings life to a community the way the laughter of children and their exuberant energy does.

Before we know it the sun will shine down and we will rejoice in the sounds of running feet, the splash of water and the familiar scent of sunscreen reminding us all of the fun that builds childhood memories and lifelong friendships here at Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre.

Sunday July 7 until Saturday August 10 (Monday – Friday), 9:45 AM – 12:20 PM

Preschool/Infants program: For ages 3-4 years. $50/week.

Children’s programs: For ages 5-10 years. $115/week.

Themed Youth Programs: For Ages 11-16 years. $130/week.

Families with more than two children save $30 on subsequent registrations.

The summer activities for children and youth provide opportunities for young people to be part of a community that includes fun, laughter, and creativity. These themes might include hiking, theatre, games, videography, music, photography, arts and crafts, movie reviews, water activities, social justice, climate change, magic, cooking etc. Our expectation is that self-reflection, nourishment, and spiritual growth will be woven into whatever theme is presented to create a rich and meaningful experience.