A Pause for Gratitude in 2022

What we are thankful for…

At Sorrento Centre, we have so much to be thankful for. We had an incredible summer filled with sunshine, laughter, familiar and new faces. We are thankful for all the music which has brought us joy and for hosting the sold-out Ukulele Festival and Nimblefingers’ largest banjo festival in the world. We’ve had jam sessions late into the night, dancing in Keluli and sweet melodies ringing at every corner. We are grateful for the artists, quilters and weavers who chose to come to Sorrento Centre to create their masterpieces.

We are thankful for everyone who came and participated in our four weeks of summer
programming, making memories, camping on our grounds, enjoying our beautiful beachfront on the Shuswap Lake, taking part in inspiring worship and seeing the children experiencing the magic of Sorrento Centre. We are thankful for all the outdoor enthusiasts, the cyclists who ride for as long as they can to the hikers who wander wherever their feet take them. We are thankful for the yoga lovers and the outdoor meditators for reminding us to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Speaking of nature, we are thankful for Mother Nature’s abundance of gifts this year: our glorious tulips surrounding Spes Bona, the occasional warm rain during the heatwave and all the bees who remind us we share our wonderful centre with the world around us.

But mostly we are grateful for you, our Associates and friends. Thank you for choosing to
support, donate and spend time at Sorrento Centre, a truly sacred and transformative place. On behalf of everyone at Sorrento Centre we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Share your blessings with Sorrento Centre….

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