A sunny day at the Garden Party

By Stacie Anderson, Communications Assistant, and Kitchen Assistant

Stacie Anderson

New to the community and to Sorrento Centre I recently attended my first garden party at the Centre. I found myself lost in serenity amongst the beautiful and relaxed setting which included music soothing to my soul. I witnessed others extracting the same pleasures as a result of the combination of the beautiful grounds and the ambiance created by the Sorrento Centre team. The tranquil & intimate atmosphere invited pleasurable interactions and gave me a feeling of connection to nature and to the people around me. I felt the same peaceful vibrations coming my way from all the guests too. 

Did I mention I am also so lucky to work here?

I am always inspired by the Sorrento Centre team who love this community and who work hard to offer and embrace connections to others, connections to nature and connections to spirit.  Each day, I leave the Centre feeling full of gratitude to have been amongst people who so obviously care about the people in this community…

OUR THANKS to Jordan Dick & Dan Smith the super talented musicians, the Catering Crew at First Community for the fantastic hor’s douvres and serving, as well as Celine’s Desserts for the delicious (GF) cake.

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