A visit to Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre Farm

Over the last couple months, we have witnessed seedlings take root and flourishing, coddled in the controlled climate of the greenhouse. We look forward to engaging our summer youth staff and volunteers in farming activities in 2024!

Would you like to rent an affordable raised garden bed? Join us and make our vision of a community garden come to fruition! This garden is for diverse people of all ages. A place where Sorrento residents can come and gather with a common purpose: growing healthy, nutritious food. A community garden can be a tool for promoting physical and emotional health, connecting with nature, and teaching life skills.

Would you be interested in becoming part of the Community Garden Advisory Committee Team? This committee will identify potential users, develop a Memorandum of Understanding, formulate a long-term vision, and budget, and identify potential donors and sponsors. Your help is most welcomed!

“It is all about community!” Join us as we continue to plant the magic seeds for a project that is tasty, fun, and nourishing for body, mind, and spirit!

If you would like to rent a garden bed ($15 annually per bed with a two-bed limit) and/or join our Advisory Committee Team… Please contact Kathie MacDuff, Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre’s Associate Director, via telephone at 250-675-2421, extension 107 or via email to kathie@sorrentocentre.ca.

Why not come get your hands dirty and volunteer at the farm, and be part of our community garden.

Whether you are an experienced farmer or not, there is JOY to be had in planting and harvesting at the Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre Farm. You can also participate in farm life by financially contributing to the revival of this important community feature!

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