A visit to Sorrento Centre Farm

It seems like spring this year was only two weeks long here in the Shuswap. One day we were scraping ice and there was frost on the ground, and suddently the temperatures in the 30s. This sort of jump in temperatures is clearly evident on our beach front as we witness the rising lake levels… and of course, we see all the changes on our farm!

Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed seedlings take root, coddled in the controlled climate of the greenhouse and now transplanted in the soil, absorbing all the beautiful sunshine and irrigation supplied by our drip irrigation system – all eight (or so) kilometers. We rejoice in the sunshine and pray for rain — and we pray for help in the fields too. Summer youth staff are beginning to arrive and we even have a couple of volunteers who, in exchange for general labour, have a plot of land to grow their own food. Why not come get your hands dirty and volunteer at the farm, and be part of our community garden.

Whether you are an experienced farmer or not, there is JOY to be had in planting and harvesting at the Sorrento Centre Farm. You can also participate in farm life by financially contributing to the revival of this important community feature!

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