A weekend of gratitude…

and hard work!

For the second Thanksgiving in a row, we have welcomed our Associates over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend on Oct. 12, 2021 for work and reflection with public health rules that meant our Thanksgiving feast was a bit plainer (no tablecloths or pumpkins or other porous decorations), but the turkey was tasty and the spirits were high.

We are grateful to our beloved Associates who journey from near and far to gather, share stories and work on projects large and small around our campus and farm – everything from cleaning up our labyrinth to planting bulbs for the spring to burn piles. The picnic tables and chairs are safely stored protected from the first snowfall.

Our Centre remains open through the winter for guests, but our outdoor focus is less on picnicking and more on snowshoeing and skiing. 

QUILT DRAW WINNER (draw happened in 2021)
And the winner is…Sharmaine van Staalduinen! On Friday evening, we did the draw for the beautiful queen-sized quilt handmade by the skilled and artistic Lynn Knox and Debbie MacLeod. The Sorrento Centre is a major hub for the arts (and music and so much more), and we are deeply grateful to Lynn and Debbie for their lovely creation. 

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