Aaaaaand they’re off!

Sorrento Elementary honours Terry Fox

Septemeber 23 is the day that our closest neighbours, the students and teachers at Sorrento Elementary, honoured one of Canada’s best-loved heroes, Terry Fox.

We love partnering with the school children on various events and today was no different! The students gathered at the school for a short assembly, and before we knew it, their enthusiasm and energy overtook Sorrento Centre as they ran by our buildings, down the trail on the east side of the campus to the lakefront… then ran back up through our lovely shaded trails through the woods.

That is… most of them ran! 

Find out more about the Terry Fox and his incredible legacy, please click here. Even you’ve heard the story before, please take a moment to visit the website, and do what you can to support those in your community who run on his behalf!

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