Absolutely obsessed – 2024

This past week we hosted some absolutely obsessed sewers. A dedicated group of craftswomen who make a variety of beautiful textiles, everything from quilts to dresses.  I felt very privileged to be welcomed into a room full of passionate artists, who explained their individual creative processes to me. Showing me how they’ve spent many hard spent hours on producing unique inventive items.

It was amazing to see high tech sewing machines that are capable of embroidering any fabric, just by entering a pattern into the machine. One individual was making handmade lace using machine embroidery on a thin fabric reinforced with dissolvable fabric, to then construct a lace dress. Some decided to use both a high tech machine and classic vintage Singers (the first practical domestic sewing machine in 1853).

The knowledge of a beautiful craft was held within one of the Sorrento Centres conference rooms for a week and we feel richer for it. 

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you all next summer!

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