Amneet falls in love…

with Sorrento Centre and Mother Nature

There’s something very special about Sorrento Centre – it’s a place where our beloved guests are welcomed and find comfortable beds and good food; where the weary find peace and inspiration; where the inspired find space to create great beauty and joyous music; where the faithful connect with their Holy One; where seekers find answers; where volunteers are cherished and welcomed; where the hungry are fed nourishing meals; where our neighbours come to play and learn and share in our bounties; and where our staff love coming to work and find rewards above and beyond…

Over the recent weeks and months, we have welcomed several new staff and will continue to do so as the seasons change and we dust off the welcome mat. Each bring their own unique gifts and talents. In the communications office, our team doubled in size when Amneet joined earlier this month. You will have certainly experienced her sparkling presence as a visitor onsite, and most likely have captured some of her joy on social media.

As part of Amneet’s orientation, Mary has been showing her around the property and buildings, the waterfront and the farm. Here are some sound bites:  “Are you kidding me? This is so gorgeous!” “Oh! Look at that flower (tree, chapel, leaf…) Wait, I’ll just grab a photo” “This food is soooo good, I think we need to start showcasing it more” “I can’t wait until more people come” “the beach is so gorgeous, are you kidding me????” “I can’t wait to show my husband and inlaws” …  well, you get the idea. 

Please listen to what Amneet Walch — new to the Shuswap and new to Sorrento Centre — has to say as she continues to fall in love with Mother Nature! 

“Today marks the end of my first two weeks at Sorrento Centre and aside from the struggle of waking up early every morning it’s been a very pleasant two weeks. I am a new resident to the interior of British Columbia and to be completely honest with you, if you had asked me to point out Salmon Arm on a map, I would have no idea where it was. I moved to the Shuswap because of love… yes, I fell in love with a small-town boy, and he fell in love with a city girl. We did not meet on a midnight train going anywhere but we did meet at a park, fell in love and decided to move in his hometown. I am originally from Surrey. I come from a very large Indian family, and I lived in a neighborhood with a Starbucks on every street corner. While I do miss some of Surrey — like my friends and family — I have come to really love the Shuswap and my new life here. Right before I got my job as the communications assistant at Sorrento Centre, I had maybe driven a car 10 times in the last 8 years since I’ve had my license. I have since shattered that record driving back and forth to work. That’s one of the things I really love about living here, the roads have the most spectacular views of the lake, there’s hardly traffic and folks are friendly on the road. I haven’t had anyone honk at me yet, I’m hoping I didn’t just jinx myself. 

“Another thing I have grown to love here in the Shuswap is all the nature. Growing up I did not have access to a backyard, and everything is always overcrowded in Vancouver, so I never really felt the desire to go to the beach or hike up any mountains. I would spend all my time at the mall, wandering around downtown or eating at an overpriced brunch spot somewhere. Since being here I have learned how to swim, start a fire, ice skate and how to survive a bear attack – haven’t had to use my bear mace yet but at least I know how! 

“Living in the Shuswap has taught me a lot about myself. It has made me realise that it is okay to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. It is okay not to have weekend plans, sometimes all you need to do with your time and energy is just relax by the lake. 

“Working here at the Sorrento Centre, I have had the opportunity to talk and meet with all kinds of people and their faces just light up when I tell them I’m new, especially the quilting ladies that keep insisting I must give quilting a try! My wonderful coworkers have been so warm and welcoming, they’re always listing all the places I have to see and little local restaurants I have to try. And I will give all those a try at some point, when I find the time!

“Being here has also brought me a lot of internal peace and it has been great starting a new chapter of my life with my husband. I get to see his world, where he grew up, where all his memories come from, and now I get to make new memories with him in all his favourite spaces.

“Now, while it would be convenient to see a Starbucks on every corner, I would much rather see the beautiful lake, snow topped mountains and all the beauty the Shuswap has to offer.”

I’m sure you all join me as we welcome this beautiful ray of sunshine to our family here at Sorrento Centre. 

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