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And more at clergy conference

This article was published on Oct, 23, 2019.

The Anglican Church of Canada’s National Indigenous Archbishop Mark MacDonald, Diocese of Kootenay Bishop Lynne McNaughton, Territory of the People Bishop Barbara Andrews and almost four dozen other clergy from the interior of British Columbia – deans, archdeacons, priests and deacons – were joined by the Anglican Church of Canada’s National Reconciliation Animator Melanie Delva at a special conference at the Sorrento Centre this week. The group was welcomed on Monday evening by Neskonlith elder Louis Thomas. A key focus over three days of deep conversation was reconciliation – including a viewing of the powerful and sobering Anglican video: “Doctrine of Discovery – Stolen Lands, Strong Hearts’.

The Sorrento Centre is committed to the journey of reconciliation. We are working with leadership of local Secwepemc bands on several initiatives. Sorrento Centre Executive Director Michael Shapcott has been trained in a special exercise in geography and history called “mapping the ground we stand on”. Developed by the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, the mapping exercise uses a large map of Canada to engage people in sharing stories and learning more about Indigenous and settler relationships.

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