Bishop Anna Greenwood Lee

“Sorrento Centre is a place of resurrection and redemption and rejuvenation for so many people.”

Just as the Advent Season began in 2021, Bishop Anna Greenwood Lee led a retreat here at Sorrento Centre examining what it means to be find hope in liminal times. As she readying to journey home, we were blessed to catch up with her for a short visit at a picnic table on Richardson lawn on a cool November afternoon.

Bishop Anna has been coming to Sorrento Centre for “over 10 and less than 20…” She shares some memories with her family and her church family. She provides some thoughtful insight into what makes this place so special.

“We all need these thin places, we all need these safe places, we all need these places of beauty, these places of rest these places of renewal in our church and in our lives… “

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