Campfire Ban in effect

Starting Thursday August 4th 2022

Effective at 12 p.m. (noon) on Thursday, August 4, 2022, campfires will be prohibited throughout the Kamloops Fire Centre to help prevent human-caused wildfires and protect public safety.

This campfire prohibition will remain in effect until noon on Oct. 15, 2022, or until the orders are rescinded.

The Kamloops Fire Centre is currently experiencing hot and dry conditions and fire danger ratings are generally “high” or “extreme” throughout the fire centre. Category 2 and Category 3 open fires and Section 12 Equipment and Activities (listed below) are already prohibited throughout the Kamloops Fire Centre.

Camping is a long-standing tradition in this province. The B.C. government recognizes that people also enjoy having campfires, so it takes any decision to implement a campfire ban very seriously.

Wildfire prevention is a shared responsibility. Human-caused wildfires are completely preventable and divert critical resources away from lightning-caused wildfires.

As of noon on Thursday, August 4, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Campfires as defined in the Wildfire Regulation
  • Category 2 open fire as defined in the Wildfire Regulation
  • Category 3 open fire as defined in the Wildfire Regulation
  • Fireworks
  • Sky Lanterns
  • Tiki and similar kind of torches
  • Chimineas, outdoor stoves and other portable campfire apparatuses not CSA or ULC approved

Although you may continue to use CSA or ULC approved devices including BBQs, we encourage you to be abundantly cautious and ready to extinquish any small spark. THANK YOU!

As always, we remind you that smoking is only permitted under FiFi, behind the kitchen.

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