Celebrating neighbourliness

Showing the love

This article was published on Oct. 13, 2019. Please check our current page on what Weyt-kp means to us and our community.

Here are my words from this morning’s homily at St Mary’s: Weyt-kp! Hello to everyone! Bonjour a tous! Hola a todos!

We are gathered on the traditional and unceded lands of the Secwepemc people. Yesterday evening, at the Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre, we gathered around a large map of Canada for the PWRDF Mapping Exercise. We sought to explore the intersection of geography and history and human relations by mapping the ground that we stand on. We considered the 600+ First Nations who have inhabited this place since time immemorial. We honoured the 50+ Inuit communities across the north. We acknowledged the Métis nations. We examined the waves of settlement of Europeans and then others, starting with the Vikings 1,000 years ago and accelerating with the arrival of John Cabot in 1497. 

Our goal is not to get stuck in the past, but to understand and work to heal the wounds of history, even as we celebrate difference and diversity and work towards a robust culture of love and peace. Today is, to quote one of the greatest theologians of our time, a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. When Mr. Rogers said that, he wasn’t talking about the weather. He was talking about the deepest part of neighbourliness – which is showing the love. Loving each other, loving the world around us, loving God and, yes, loving ourselves. 

This glorious Thanksgiving Weekend brings an annual tradition to the Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre. We welcome our Associates, our most loyal friends, to our beautiful 24-acre main campus and our 8-acre natural farm. Our Associates engage their muscles, and their minds, and their spirits.

So, on this Thanksgiving Sunday, I want to give thanks for a wonderful and special group of people who have been showing the love in so many ways this weekend. The theme of our special weekend together is “weyt-kp: celebrating neighbourliness”.

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