Church + housing: What’s up with that?

A conversation with Bishop Graham Tomlin

Why did the Church of England (Anglican Church) set up a national housing commission? In this short video clip, from March 2021 London UK Bishop Graham Tomlin offers three reasons:

First, millions are suffering from inadequate or unaffordable housing, or no housing at all – which makes housing a moral crisis, as well as a social and economic issue. “When you get houses that are badly built, that aren’t looked after, where landlords don’t provide for their tenants, that’s sin. We’re interested in sin in the Church.”

Second, the Church is a major landowner, which makes it part of the problem and potentially part of the solution. “We’ve got skin in the game.”

Third, the Church includes a variety of housing experts, in addition to theologians. “The Church can speak about housing with creative authority.”

The real solution to homelessness is homefulness: Join a very special four-part symposium starting April 22nd 2021, on the many dimensions of home-making, and why people of faith can be an important part of the solution.

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