“Coming to Sorrento Centre is like coming home”

and remembering Jean

Sorrento Centre is a place for people to connect, create memories and form lifelong friendships. 

We are excited to welcome back our long-time friends Lynn Knox and all the wonderful quilters from Absolutely Obsessed.

Lynn has been coming to Sorrento Centre for the past 15 years with her quilting retreat Absolutely Obsessed. This group is such a joy to have around with their laughs, stories and their impressive quilting skills. The ladies have a very special connection to Sorrento Centre, aside from coming here for years, they have also donated two benches and beautiful rose bushes for our garden. One of the benches is dedicated in loving memory of Jean, a former Absolutely Obsessed quilter. Jean lived most of her life in Sorrento and had been an avid quilter for years. The ladies speak fondly of Jean, her eccentric personality and her lively spirit is not forgotten amongst the group. We love that Jean’s memory will live on forever here at the Sorrento Centre. Her bench sits directly in front of our Caritas building. Come have a sit some time!

We want to thank the ladies from Absolutely Obsessed for all their support throughout the years and for continuing to come back to our centre. As Lynn says time and time again “coming to Sorrento Centre is like coming home.”

Welcome home ladies, we can’t wait to see you again.   

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