Dr. Michael Mehta

Music and Sustainability Working in Harmony

When first meeting Michael Mehta, one might feel a little intimidated by his tall stature, but  his friendly smile and warm personality quickly confirms how approachable this former bouncer truly is. Michael has been a part of the Sorrento Centre community not only as one of the organizers of the annual Summer Ukulele Festival but also as an instrumental advocate for environmental issues and climate change in the community. Michael is one of the reasons why we have our solar panels that sit proudly on top of our iconic Spes Bona building!

We had the opportunity to chat with the university Professor about why Sorrento Centre is special to him and why he keeps coming back to our centre. “I am here for this amazing Ukulele Festival hosted by the Ukulele Orchestra of Kamloops. It’s great to be back at Sorrento Centre”

“Ukuleles and solar panels work really well together – they’re ways of connecting with people, the universe. Obviously with music it’s about harmony and rhythm and everything else. And being sustainable is also about finding that harmonious balance with the planet and with our creator.”

As thunder begins to roar in the background, with a smile Michael confirms: “Sorrento Centre is the perfect venue. We can hear the notes and chords from the deity… It’s a beautiful venue to be hosting these kinds of events. We love the variety of locations and the staff here are so amazing and warm – the food is quite good as well. Very pleased to be back after so many years of Covid”.   

We would like to thank Michael for taking the time to talk to us during the extremely busy and exciting Ukulele Festival.

As always, its pleasure for our centre to be the gathering place for events – big or small. It’s an honour to bring people together, connect with passionate people and be the founding place where wonderful memories are made. 

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