Earth Day at the Sorrento Centre

Welcoming students from Sorrento Elementary

Earth Day is a time to celebrate our love for the beautiful planet, and for our own rather special little place. The Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre is celebrating Earth Day 2019 on April 17th by welcoming upwards of three dozen students from Sorrento Elementary onto our main campus. The students will be planting tree seedlings around the campus, and then they will be tending them over the coming days, weeks, months and years. When you visit our campus after the 17th, make sure to look for signs that will be posted to honour the work of the students.

The pix for this posting shows a fallen tree in the Centre’s swamp – although the tree is down, it is a nursery to a profusion of branches of French pussy willow – and the furry little buds are in full bloom. Willows are a great tree for swampy areas, and we hope to add some more willows in the coming days.

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