• Anna Greenwood-Lee
    Anna Greenwood-Lee

    Anna Greenwood-Lee spent the first 20 years of her ministry serving as a priest in Calgary and Toronto. Highlights included helping get the Wisdom Centre and the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good off the ground and seeing God breathe new life into old institutions. In 2020 she was elected Bishop of the Diocese of Islands and Inlets in British Columbia. In an attempt to get ready for the next twenty years she recently completed an MBA focussing on change theory and developing adaptive capacity. Anna and her husband James have two teenagers, two cats and too many bicycles.

  • Christine Conkin
    Christine Conkin

    The Rev. Christine Conkin has served in ordained ministry since 2006 in both Calgary and Victoria. Her spiritual life is grounded in dance and a variety of active outdoor activities, which combine with her biblical and theological studies to inform her interest in the transformation of today’s church. She is currently Incumbent of St. George, Cadboro Bay in Victoria, BC.

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Sunday - Saturday August 06 - 12, 2023



A Christianity to Call Home

$400/week. Course fee $150 plus the $250 Activity fee

Recent census data reveals that over half of the population in BC identify as ‘no religion.’ People who have spent some or all of their life in Christianity feel less and less at home there. For 60 years, many have imagined that Christianity isn’t so much dying as going through a once in an epoch shift.

Join Bishop Anna and The Rev. Christine Conkin for a week of theological exploration towards a Christianity to Call Home. We’ll revisit some of the progressive theological texts of the 20th century (Religionless Christianity, Secular City, Honest to God, Comfortable Pew) to see what they have to say to us 60 years later. We’ll also tune into some of the theological voices of our own age (Richard Rohr, Ilia Delio, James Smith, Christina Cleveland, Kate Bowler and others) to see what new life-giving theology is emerging in these turbulent 2020s.

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