• Kerry Baisley - Biography
    Kerry Baisley - Biography

    Kerry Baisley recently retired as Missioner for Indigenous Justice with the Diocese of New Westminster. Previous work includes Emergency Child Welfare, Social Work in the Yukon, Medical Social Work in Residential Care, Substitute Decision Making and Risk Management in Medical Settings. This work comes from a passion to work with and learn from those who at times have been marginalized from our dominant society. Hope for our future necessitates learning about our past and journeying together with our First Nations, Metis and Inuit kin.

  • Canon Dr. Richard LeSueur - Biography
    Canon Dr. Richard LeSueur - Biography

    Canon Dr. Richard LeSueur has served as an Anglican Priest in the Diocese of Jerusalem and in Western and Central Canada. In 1992 he moved with his young family to live and work in East Jerusalem during the first Intefada where he joined the teaching staff of St. George’s College. Over 35 years he has facilitated more than 50 programs of Christian Pilgrimage for clergy and laity through the biblical lands and has an intimate, first-hand experience in that land of hope and sorrows.


Sunday - Saturday July 21 - 27, 2024


$325 program/activities

Can the Past be Reconciled? Two Histories, Two Lands

On October 7, 2023 Hamas militants launched a devastating assault on Israel erupting into the most severe Palestinian-Israeli conflict seen in decades. Once again the world has been drawn into the aching question; will these people ever know a just and peaceful coexistence?

Even as one considers that far away tragedy, Canada continues to awaken to the colonial harms enacted in its own not-so-recent past; a nationalism built on the suppression of an Indigenous population.

The work of healing histories and peace-making is a global imperative being tested on many fronts, not least of all in Canada of making peace with the planet and peace-making with the peoples of our First Nations.

Canon Dr. Richard LeSueur and Kerry Baisley (biographies to the left), bring a program that will focus on the quest for peace as it relates to the current crisis in Israel-Palestine and in the quest to heal the residues of history with our indigenous peoples.

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