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Sunday July 31, 2022 - Saturday August 06, 2022

Children and Youth – Week four

The summer activity for children and youth provides an opportunity for young people to be part of a community that includes fun, laughter, and creativity. Each program offers the participants an experience that includes diverse opportunities based on age and abilities. 

Nothing brings life to a community the way the laughter of children and their exuberant energy does.

The summer of 2022 will be no different – before we know it the sun will shine down and we will rejoice in the sounds of running feet, the splash of water and the familiar scent of sunscreen reminding us all of the fun that builds childhood memories and lifelong friendships here at Sorrento Centre.

Early Childhood Activity (Ages 0-4): Stay tuned! We are working diligently to implement this option for the weeks of summer. If you are interested in having your child(ren) of this age cared for while you attend an adult course during the weeks of summer, please contact the Child & Youth Office.  Email and let us know what week(s) you want to attend with your children under the age of 5 years. 

Child Activity (Ages 5-10 & 11-13): A themed week of learning, crafts and games geared towards the participants in these age groups. As the theme changes so will the activities as the summer rolls on! Our summer youth staff work to create an active, exciting, and fun-filled program to engage this energetic group while their parents participate in courses of their own. 

WEEK 1: Fun & Fitness
WEEK 2: Nature and the World Around Us
WEEK 3: The Great Adventure
WEEK 4: Celebration of Nations

Generation Next (Ages 14-18): This course empowers teens to learn, discuss, play, and work collaboratively while engaging with the community around them. Many of the participants of Gen Next continue their path at Sorrento Centre by participating in LEAP, summer youth staff, and WYLD.

WEEK 1: Outdoor Adventures
WEEK 2: Multi-Activity Challenge
WEEK 3: Survivor
WEEK 4: Celebration of Nations

Summer Sizzler: Do not forget to bring along the necessary props or instruments so you can participate in “Sorrento Centre’s Got Talent” night, as well as your dancing shoes prepped and ready to ‘Wow!” everyone with your Groovy dance moves!

Relive memories of the Children and Youth Programming from Summer 2021