• The Rev. Jessica Schaap - Biography
    The Rev. Jessica Schaap - Biography

    The Rev. Jessica Schaap has been an avid amateur birder for about 15 years. A conversion like experience to birdwatching occurred shortly after she began studying for her Masters of Divinity degree at the Vancouver School of Theology. Jessica has been an ordained Anglican priest in the Diocese of New Westminster for over 14 years. She was rector of St. Paul’s, Vancouver, and assistant priest at St. James’, Vancouver. Since 2018, she has been the Missioner for Christian Formation for the diocese. Her mandate includes the development and support of Christian formation for all ages. She lives in East Vancouver with her spouse, daughter, one cat, and several bird feeders.

  • The Rev. Cameron Gutjahr - Biography
    The Rev. Cameron Gutjahr - Biography

    The Rev. Cameron Gutjahr has always had a love for the natural world. This led him to a degree in biology with a special focus on evolution and ecology at UBC, which in turn led him to his Master of Divinity at Huron College in London, Ontario. Though for many this may have seemed like a strange change of course, for Cameron, this was a natural continuation. For him, evolution, ecology, spirituality, and Christian theology intersect in exciting and delightful ways. Since 2019, Cameron has been the priest at St. John the Divine Anglican Church in Squamish, BC.


Sunday - Saturday July 07 - 13, 2024


$325 program/activities

Consider the Birds…and the Mushrooms…

Come for a week of observation, delight, and reflection on the created beauty and wonder of birds, fungi, and plant life in the Sorrento area.

This course will combine field walks, identification and discovering the spiritual insight these creatures can teach us.

We will also look at how scripture, science, and the Christian tradition can enrich our experiences of them and our own spiritual journeys. Practices will include drawing, observing, light reading, walking, discussion, listening, and theological reflection.

The week will be led by The Rev. Cameron Guthjahr, a biology student turned priest, and The Rev. Jessica Schaap, a priest who had a conversion experience to birding.

No previous experience in birding or mushroom hunting needed.

Download a poster: [PDF] [PNG] [JPG]

The event is ongoing.