• David Taylor
    David Taylor

    David has grown in the Anglican tradition having a background in the pentecostal church. He has degrees from Summit Pacific Bible College in Abbotsford, Regent College in Vancouver and the Vancouver School of Theology. David’s passion is to re-connect people to the Scripture and the depth of the spiritual history of Christianity. David is both Spiritual and Religious. He delights in the personal spiritual journey of the heart and he works to ensure the marginalised are cared for. He is also a composer of worship music and liturgy.

  • Mark Hoath
    Mark Hoath

    Mark is a long-time member of St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Vancouver. He has served in a variety of leadership positions in the parish and as a lifelong Anglican led Christian youth groups as a young adult. Professionally, Mark is an elementary educator and school administrator (Gr. K 7 and Gr. 8-12 leadership roles) with particular interest in facilitating environmental and school leadership opportunities for students.

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Saturday - Sunday July 15 - 23, 2023


All Day



LEAP (Ages 15-16)

$699/week which includes meals, accommodation, and the Activity fee

The Leadership, Experience and Adventure Program is a weeklong course for youth ages 15 and 16. LEAP participants live, learn, work, and play together, forming a close-knit group within the larger community of Sorrento Centre. LEAP fosters personal, spiritual, and professional growth in leadership skills and work experience. Participants will be involved in a variety of fresh, exciting spiritual practices and engaging workshops and activities. LEAP includes daily free time, opportunities to relax and to enjoy beautiful Sorrento Centre.

This is the second year Mark and David will co-lead the LEAP program. They look forward to supporting participants to connect with each other and collectively to learn how to lead with compassion and love as children of God. There will be sessions on leadership style, managing conflict, communication, and “growth mindset” ‘from a Christian perspective.  

There will be hands-on opportunities to work and connect with the Sorrento youth staff and co-lead children’s activities and programs. 

We hope to laugh, have fun, reflect, and discover God’s call for all of us to grow as Christian leaders. 

Early registration advised.

Download a poster: [PDF] [PNG] [JPG]