• Melissa Nasby - Biography
    Melissa Nasby - Biography

    Canadian fibre artist, Melissa Nasby specializes in needle felted masks, headdresses, puppets and sculptures. Melissa’s passion is driven by the texture and versatility of wool and natural fibres. She is heavily influenced by fantasy and nature, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that have a unique sense of organic whimsy.

    Notable achievements:
    • 2014 Honourable Mention from The Jim Henson Company
    • 2015 Recipient of The Marie Manson Memorial Art Award
    • 2015 People’s Choice Award Winner -Shuswap Lake Festival of the Arts
    • 2015 Featured Artist & 2nd Place People’s Choice Award -Lake Country Artwalk

    Salmon Arm Art Gallery- Life size Book Nook, Environments for Reading Exhibit
    Hinge Artist Collective – Seeds of Truth Sculpture, Ominous Exhibit
    Salmon Arm Art Gallery- Lead artist Pollinators Exhibit
    Hinge Artist Collective -Life size Golden Snub Nose Monkey, Origins Exhibit
    Salmon Arm Art Gallery- Life size grizzly bear sculpture, Peak Year II Exhibit
    Salmon Arm Art Gallery- Life size Great Blue Heron, Little Lake Exhibit
    Lake Country Artwalk – Life size Silverback Gorilla, Fibre Art Exhibit


Sunday - Saturday July 07 - 13, 2024


$325 program/activities

Nourish Couture – Wearable Art for Your Soul

Welcome to “Nourish Couture,” a creative workshop where fashion meets art, and your soul finds expression through wearable masterpieces. In this unique experience, Melissa Nasby, a Canadian fibre artist, will guide you through the art of crafting a headdress, through a journey of self-expression, and creative exploration that not only reflects your personal style but also nourishes your inner artist.

Meet Melissa

“Nourish Couture” is not just a workshop; it’s a transformative experience that empowers you to create wearable art that resonates with your soul. Join us and let your creativity flourish while crafting a unique, soul nourishing fashion statement.

You will be guided through the following steps, materials, and techniques.

1. Inspiration and Conceptualization > Start by delving into your unique artistic vision > Explore sources of inspiration, from nature to personal experiences > Define the concept and story behind your wearable art piece

2. Design and Sketching > Learn the basics of fashion design sketching > Translate your inspiration into a fashion concept > Create a rough sketch of your wearable art idea

3. Materials Selection > Discover an array of textiles, fabrics, and embellishments > Choose materials that align with your concept and style > Gain insights into sustainable and eco-friendly choices

4. Foundation Construction > Understand the fundamentals of balance, weight and size > Develop patterns that match your design > Cut fabric/foam according to your design with precision

5. Embellishments and Personalization > Explore the world of embellishments using many mixed media techniques > Personalize your piece with unique details > Add a touch of your own soul to your creation

6. Finishing and Quality Check > Fine-tune the fit and finish of your creation > Inspect for any loose threads or imperfections > Ensure your wearable art piece is polished and ready to dazzle

7. Self-Expression and Empowerment > Reflect on the journey of creating wearable art for your soul > Share your experiences with fellow participants > Discuss how self-expression through fashion can empower your spirit

8. Celebration and Display > Celebrate your artistic achievements in a group showcase > Wear your wearable art with pride > Discuss opportunities for displaying or selling your creations

Techniques Covered: Headdress design sketching, Pattern making and adjustment, Armature/Base Construction, Fabrication, Fabric/Foam cutting and handling, Hand sewing/manipulation techniques, Embellishment methods, Garment fitting and tailoring, Presentation and photography skills, Self-expression through fashion

Basic Supply List: Glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, favourite glue/tools, project specific items and embellishments

Download a poster: [PDF] [PNG] [JPG]