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Monday - Thursday March 06 - 09, 2023


All Day

Private Group – Ami de l’âme Contemplative Retreat

Ami de l’âme; soul friend; anam cara; community spiritual companion: these names describe a way of being in the world. That way of being is less about a title or job description and more about a general stance to life: open, curious, Spirit-led, contemplative, listening, embedded in community.

The Ami program is a school of formation, teaching participants to recognize and grow into the life of Christ that is already running through and among us. It is a school of learning, acquainting participants with a broad range of contemplative and contemporary readings—and an embodied approach to those readings. Finally, the Ami program is a school of silence, helping participants learn the internal quietness needed to listen to and engage others in depth conversations.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Therese at widespottz@netidea.com.