• Catherine Nicholls
    Catherine Nicholls

    Catherine lives and works in Gibsons, B.C. and draws inspiration from the natural world, her travels and the people she meets along the way. Stories, legends and the history of people, place and culture are the creative raw materials for themed exhibitions worldwide.
    Catherine’s work is developed through painting, drawing and collage usually on paper. This careful planning and exploration of ideas allows a more liberated and intuitive approach when it comes to fabric, paint and mixed media techniques.
    She works on paper and fabric with discharge, dyeing, drawing, painting and printing. Textile pieces are then densely stitched either by hand or machine and often both.

    Catherine has exhibited in North America and Europe individually and as a member of SiX and is one third of thr3fold journal, “the journal of creative vision” and various pieces tour Europe on an ongoing basis. Teaching has formed a large part of her daily life, with workshops in locations around the world in patchwork and quilting techniques, sketchbooks and journaling, life drawing, design and other passions. Catherine is proud to be a Brand Ambassador for Mettler Threads.


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Sunday - Friday October 01 - 06, 2023




An instance of reflection – both the physical return of light or a moment of thought can be transformative and inspiring. As well as looking at reflections of an image or an image recreated by a mirror, we will explore the thoughts and feelings we reflect on as sources of inspiration for our designs.

$400 per person plus optional meals and accommodations.

In this workshop students will be starting with some simple design activities on paper. Starting with images and text, we will dig into the elements of design and how they apply to you and your source of inspiration, then use a series of textile techniques to bring those design ideas to life on fabric. We will be working with Procion dye and screen print inks to paint and print, along with drawing and stitch. Students will consider the possibilities of reversing and mirror imaging their designs and spend some time reflecting on what we have created and how we might move those ideas forward.

Students can approach this workshop as a series of samples and explorations or work with intention towards a goal. As always design will form a big part of our study and samples often have a way of coming together to create a unique textile masterpiece.

So consider the things that encourage you to reflect, images of a “perfect” reflection or the words that make you think deeper and consider – they will be a wonderful starting place.

A supply list will be provided, and there will be a small lab fee ($20) for this course.

Download a poster: [PDF] [PNG] [JPG]