Expressive Arts

Expressive arts combine the visual arts, movement, drama, music, quilting, writing and other creative processes to foster deep personal growth and community development. By integrating the various arts methods, we gain access to our inner resources for healing, clarity, illumination and creativity. Expressive Arts can also lead to an increased awareness of a spiritual nature. 

Kathie MadDuff – Art as Therapy

Expressive Arts embrace six basic tenets:

  1. All people have an innate ability to be creative. 
  2. The creative process is healing. 
  3. Personal growth and increased awareness are achieved through self-understanding and insight. 
  4. The expressive arts lead us into the unconscious allowing us to discover new aspects of ourselves.
  5. Talking and writing about the new aspects we discover allow us to integrate them in our daily life.
  6. As we journey inward for self-discovery, we also discover our connection to the world around us.

Given Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre is a place of transformation for learning, healing and belonging, not to mention one of great natural beauty, supporting the Expressive Arts is an obvious strategy and is in keeping with our vision, mission and values. Whether it is our art programming or our support, by way of generous hospitality, of other groups, we are committed to providing opportunities that nourish body, mind, soul, and spirit. 



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