Faces of Sorrento – more from Nimblefingers 2022

Sue Leyland, Stewart Seidel and Greg Monforton

During two weeks in August Sorrento Centre is bursting with music and laughter of friends gathering once again, or for the first time. Banjo and mandalin players can be found in every corner of the centre as Nimblefingers workshops and festival fill the site.

Meet just some of the visitors, and their thoughts on the event.

A newcomer all the way from Langley, Sue Leyland (video) loves bluegrass and if you couldn’t tell by her enthusiasm in the video she loves NimbleFingers!  Sue is just starting to learn how to play the banjo and so far she is having a great time! Her love of music brought her to Sorrento Centre and she is leaving with lots of fond memories of late-night jam sessions, dances and the new friends she looks forward to seeing again.

Stewart Seidel (video) has been coming to NimbleFingers for 8 years now and you won’t believe the crazy story that led him here, in the video below. As a teacher, Stewart has a natural love for helping people, connecting with the community and a passion for learning. Even as an avid musician in his own right Stewart loves coming to Sorrento Centre every year for NimbleFingers to continue learning from his idols and top musicians all across the country. He said off camera, that this is a place for all people, to grow and share their love for music. 

We’ve already met both John McQuarrie and Leslie too!

Greg Monforton (video) from Calgary, has the best time of his life every time he comes to NimbleFingers and Sorrento Centre. As an introvert, he looks forward to coming to NimbleFingers every year because of the support and community he has made for himself at the festival. Greg has met some of his lifelong friends here and he continues to come to explore his passion for bluegrass music. He loves Sorrento Centre for its beautiful campus, and we couldn’t agree more!

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