Game on: Young Sojourners 2022

…a good long weekend!

A lively soccer game – just one part of a good and long weekend for Young Sojourners at the Sorrento Centre. First time since 2019 for our spring program for teens. We welcomed 40 participants – who explored the theme of “Better Together” with the leadership of Christian Harvey, Executive Director of One City Peterborough. The youth came from Alberta and British Columbia… along with youth leaders from Edmonton, Vancouver and beyond.

Thanks to one and all… and a special thanks to Tammy Gibbs, our youth program manager, who worked behind the scenes to build an amazing weekend. The rest of our hard-working staff – in the kitchen, housekeeping, maintenance and grounds and the office team were all engaged.

Also this weekend, we welcomed Quakers for their half-yearly meeting. They’ve been gathering on our campus for more than four decades (except, of course, during the past two years of the pandemic).

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