Giving is always in season

… not just in December 2022

Since the publication of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in 1843, loving kindness expressed through gift-giving has been a part of this season. Remember the joyous ending when the reformed Scrooge summoned a local boy to deliver a large turkey to the Cratchit family (a turkey so big that Scrooge paid for a cab to convey the delivery boy and bird). It’s not just a Victorian Christian tradition – gestures of neighbourly love flow through many faith and cultural traditions.

At Sorrento Centre, our kitchen team has just completed a seasonal order for 36 boxes of turkeys (several birds in each box), that we will cook, slice and – along with our neighbours – ensure that hundreds of people in our region will be able to enjoy the bounty of season even if they are struggling to put food on the table.

Giving is always in season – not just in December 2022. And the rewards are not just for those who receive gifts. The givers gain at least as much.

The seasons of Advent and Christmas are meaningful for people around the world, Christian and not, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of the Holy child in Bethlehem so very long ago. For most, the celebration is marked on Christmas day with the exchange of presents under the tree. In recent years, the trend is to give the gift of experience, friendship and family time rather than extravagant presents.

This year, when you are considering what to give, why not consider these suggestions… 

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