Giving Tree Update

The Giving Tree has been “planted” for just over a month, and it’s blossoming! Once in full leaf, it now boasts red apples representing almost $4000 in donations. “Individuals and families are having fun granting ‘wishes’ that appeal to them, “ said Associate Director Kathie MacDuff. “Popular items include cabana mattress foamies, technology items and bursaries…and there’s still lots to choose from!”

When you walk into our reception, your eyes can’t help but lock onto this amazing quilted tree. It’s not just about looking good – it’s about feeling good too. It’s like an invitation to be part of something awesome. You pick a leaf, make a difference, and then voila! You swap it for a bold red apple with your name on it. Or maybe it’s in memory of someone special – their name gets up there too!

Now, let’s talk wishes. Adirondack chairs, golf cart batteries, why even a stove – the wishlist is like a snapshot of some of the basics. And, we’re dreaming big! Our goal? A tree bursting with juicy red apples, each carrying a name or memory, just like our journey.

Thank you for joining us in making this magic happen. The Giving Tree is all about growing dreams, one leaf, and one apple at a time. So, come on over, be part of our story, and let’s keep spreading the love!

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