Greening up our actions!

Starting with an on-site eco-efficiency audit

Melanie and Razzaq from Greenstep Solutions were on the Sorrento Centre campus on Tuesday, ( July 2021) for a eco-efficiency audit.

Melanie was diligently picking through two-days worth of garbage from our main campus. We sort and divert garbage – including composting, paper and recyclables, refundables and landfill. With the detailed analysis from the last couple of days, we aim to reduce and improve our recycling and diversion.

Razzaq was poking into the nooks and crannies of a number of buildings on our main campus. In the last three years, we have been slowly but surely converting our lighting to LEDs, bringing in more efficient water boilers, adding insulation and other building improvements. We have also installed 51 incredible solar panels on a big array on top of Spes Bona, our iconic administration building. We’re generating more clean + green energy from sunshine in recent days, even as we power air conditioning and fans to keep our guests, staff and visitors cool during the times of extreme heat. 

The eco-efficiency audit is part of our commitment to Biosphere Adhesion, a program of the Thompson-Okanagan Tourism Association.

The world around us is groaning – extreme heat, wildfires, smoke. We know that the little bit that we can play through more energy and eco-efficient practices is just a small part of a much bigger set of actions that are urgently required. We are committed to take action where we can, and to join with others in work towards the big actions that we need to take as a province, a nation and a planet.

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