Happy Canada Day

Cups of blessing celebrate learning, healing and belonging

This articl was published on July 1, 2019.

A very happy Canada Day from the Sorrento Centre. Each day, we aspire to live deeply into our mission as a holy place of transformation for learning, healing and belonging. On Canada Day 2019, we are welcoming more than 400 guests from the Harambee Cultural Society! Throughout the year, we welcome more than 3,000 special people to events that we program, and to events that we host on behalf of external groups. There is a lot of learning, considerable healing and a strong sense of belonging that happens at Sorrento Centre throughout the year.

This year, we commissioned local artisans Sheryl Wilson and Mark Hemmingson, who live on Caen Road immediately east of the Sorrento Centre, to create a matched set of pottery that we call ‘cups of blessing’. The cups are stamped with our core aspirations: learning, healing and belonging. Each is beautifully hand-crafted, then painted and fired. Every one is unique. Mark and Sheryl speak lovingly of how each cup is formed in their hands, with curves and indentations that are different from one to the next. We celebrate and see great beauty in difference and diversity, even as we take joy in the whole set belonging together. The ‘cups of blessing’ will be gifts to our special guests this year – a thank you to those who help us each day to build the legacy of the Sorrento Centre. Find out more about Sheryl and Mark at Sorrento Stoneware

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