Happy Earth Day (part one): Solar energy

Let the sunshine in!

Happy Earth Day April 22, 2021 (part one): Our big, bright and beautiful solar panels on the roof of our iconic admin building Spes Bona are really showing their stuff! We installed the first 19 panels in 2019 and added another 32 panels last fall. In March of 2021, we drew 1.4MWh from our panels – up more than two and one-half times from the 579.1kWh in the same month last year. That shows all the wonderful clean, green energy that we are drawing thanks to our new panels.

Every day, the sunshine spills into our panels, through the microinverters and helps power our admin office. Many days, we generate more electricity than we use, and that flows out through our smart meter to power our neighbours, including the Sorrento Elementary, right next door. We love the incredible Shuswap region around us – and one way that we are showing our love is through renewable and clean energy.

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