Happy Earth Day – trees + students

Thank you to students + teachers from Sorrento Elementary

How wonderful on Earth day (April 22, 2021) – we now have more than 200 new “baby” trees on our 24-acre main campus, thanks to the students and teachers of Sorrento Elementary, right next door. They celebrated Earth Day by planting the seedlings. Here’s a list of the trees:

  • 15    Douglas-fir
  • 105  Cedar
  • 30    Ponderosa pine
  • 30    Lodgepole pine
  • 30    White pine

It was great to be able to welcome the students and teachers in a COVID-compliant manner (safe distancing, masks, contact tracing, screening).

Even though we are in a lush, tree-covered valley in the interior of British Columbia, Canada (the incredibly beautiful South Shuswap), more trees are always welcome!

Thanks to outdoor educators Molly Cooperman, Brenda Melnychuk and Kim “Dr Fish” Fulton for the amazing job of arranging for trees, the shovels and buckets and organizing the event. 

Thanks to Sorrento Elementary principal Jodi Garries for all the students and teachers – who came over to our campus in four bubbles!

And thanks to our very own Branch Manager, Phoebe the labradoodle, who helped to supervise the work (from a safe distance, of course). 

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