Hello, beautiful sunshine!

Our expanded solar array is generating lots of clean, green energy

Solar panel update from, March 19, 2021 – for more current updates click here.

Lots and lots of clean, green energy direct from the sun above the Shuswap is powering the Sorrento Centre. Last fall, we added 32 solar panels to our existing array of 19 on the roof of Spes Bona (our iconic administration building). In February alone, as we were still in the grips of winter, bright sunshine was pouring into our solar panels, and a total of 782.1 kWh of energy was produced – that’s more than three times the amount from February of 2020. We love the natural world around us – that’s one reason why we love our solar panels. Our panels also deliver cost savings in two ways. First, the energy from the sun flows through the panels and microinverters, and the smart meter, and powers our admin building – including our front office staff team, our two servers that power our IT system, our virtual community hub with its smart technology that links us to the world, plus offices for our senior staff and our shop. The means lower energy bills as solar energy replaces the electricity we would otherwise purchase from the grid.

Second, on particularly sunny days, we generate more solar energy than we use in our admin building, and the excess amount flows out into the grid to power our neighbours, like Sorrento Elementary right next door. We get a credit for the energy we export to the grid.

Our solar panels are funded by 74 donations from 24 donors, plus a grant from SASCU Credit Union.

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