It was the Summer of ’69

… and 31 one young folk were packing their knapsacks and making their way to Sorrento Centre for four-months of finding themselves and their place in the world during Winter Course, 1969-1970.

Something wonderful was happening at Sorrento Centre that winter and Ginger Shaw was part of it. During a recent visit to Sorrento Centre this summer, Ginger shared some of the memories of Winter Course and very generously left behind some valuable documents and booklets telling the story so long ago. These were times of the Dawning of Aquarius, when young people were exploring deep thoughts and challenging the society, and developing deep spirituality. The reflections, the poetry and the photos are remarkable!

A quote from the booklet is timeless and could have been written today: “For you to read about us at Sorrento is one thing = to get the feeling of it, talk to people who have been here, or better yet, come yourself. You’re always welcome.”

Come to Sorrento Centre!

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