Keeping Warm on Winter Days

The good and the bad, starting with the bad!

The hot water heater in Spes Bona has died, which is at the heart of the heating system for our 96-year-old admin building on our main campus. So we had to fire up electric heaters to ensure some level of comfort for our wonderful staff team as our maintenance crew worked to find a solution.

And here’s the good, even the great: It was a brilliantly sunny day and the 51 solar panels on the roof of Spes Bona welcomed 25.1 kWh of clean green energy from Sister Sun today. That’s eight times the energy generated yesterday and more than three times the energy on Jan. 19 of last year. So, thank you to Sister Sun for beaming lots of energy our way on a day when we really needed it. Gratitude!! Our panels quietly work every day of the year – and on many days, we generate more energy than we use, sending the rays from Sister Sun through our smart meter into the BC Hydro grid to help power our neighbours, like Sorrento Elementary School.

Make plans to come and see our brilliant solar panels in action!

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