Laughter, playing and all the joys of Fall 2022!

Autumn is upon us and the leaves are changing colours, there is a the slight chill in the air and the beautiful dewy grass glistens on our grass fields. Today we had the special opportunity to tag along with some of the young students from Sorrento Elementary as they made their way down to our scenic beach for a mini field trip.

The children collected leaves from the ground, all the shiny rocks they could find and some of them even collected litter left behind at the beach. They creatively built little boats to launch down Newsome Creek (which runs down the east side of our campus to the lake) using the leaves, rocks and sticks collected. 

The kids enjoyed their nature adventure, playing in the sun, observing mother nature, and just enjoying the great outdoors. We look forward to seeing more curious little ones on our campus as school is now back in session and seeing the beauty of the seasons changing through the eyes of children who just love being outside. 

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