Let your feet wander…

… into adventure!

For those that have had the opportunity to walk with Ken Gray or with Phil McIntyre-Paul, you will know just how transformative the experience can be!

In the fall of 2022, Sorrento Centre was blessed with the privilege of facilitating a very special 4-day event “A Pilgrim’s Way.” Ken, Phil and our executive Director Michael Shapcott took an enthusiastic group of people on a meditative, reflective and inspiring journey all over the Shuswap.

I had the opportunity to join the group as they visited Adams River in hopes of seeing the salmon do their annual run (we did see a few but we were a little early). We heard a short informative presentation from The Adam Rivers Salmon Society about the life cycle of the salmon, the treacherous journey they endure to spawn, and all the challenges climate change and human activity have presented for the salmon.

It was both inspiring and heartbreaking to hear about the salmon. However, there was a moment of gratitude that was acknowledged by the group – how lucky are we to see the salmon run? How lucky are we to enjoy this blissful moment in nature?

We continued our walk, continued to be reflective and continued to honour mother nature by appreciating her beauty. At the very end of our 5-hour pilgrimage, we talked about our experiences with one another, appreciated the journey we all had and most importantly – laughed like kids again.

An incredible experience shared with strangers – now friends, exploring regions of the Shuswap renewed excitement and as Phil had said many times during the day, we let our feet wander into the adventure.  

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