Meet Alex Passmore

… sharing the love of music

It’s possible you have already met Alex Passmore as part of the 2022 summer youth staff, or you may have seen a video or two we have posted showcasing his incredible musical ability at talent night. Not only an accomplished pianist, he plays the trombone and has been known to sing a little every now and then! Maybe you’ve enjoyed a rambuncous campfire song led by an enthusiastic Alex. Take a look at him playing the trombone with his dad!

Alex and his family are integral parts of the Sorrento Centre family. (Meet his mom and Grandma.) Coming from a family of teachers, Alex’s natural leadership and enthusiasm made him a perfect fit for child and youth care during the four weeks of Summer Programming.

Be sure to listen to him describe what it’s like to experience a campfire here on our private beach! (see video below)

We have really enjoyed having Alex join us for the summer as part of our summer youth staff team. We will surely miss his warm smile and beautiful music echoing throughout Sorrento Centre, and look forward to welcoming him and his family here again next year for their annual trip to Sorrento, for more beautiful music and memories to come!    

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