Meet David and Andrew

“It’s a family affair here”

If you’ve been coming to Sorrento Centre for a while, you should recognize these cheerful faces, especially in the month of July. Andrew Halladay, who is the out-going President of the Board of Directors, and David Taylor have been coming to Sorrento Centre with their kids now for years.

Their sons, Nathan and Logan, are often spotted around the site enjoying all the various children’s activities, playing in the sunshine, and of course, laughing and smiling wherever they go. David and Andrew have not only been bringing their kids here but their entire extended family as well. It’s a family affair here! In fact, David’s sisters have and currently also sit on the Board of Directors.

Living far apart all over BC and Alberta, the families come to get together every year here at Sorrento Centre. Cousins and siblings are reunited, milestones are celebrated and memories are created.

Sorrento Centre is so special to them because it is where David and Andrew first introduced their children to their extended family. David’s fondness is enhanced by the opportunities to connect with new people, spend quality time with family, and write music inspired by Jesus and the serenity of the Centre.

Andrew’s fondest and most fun memories include pretending to be a judge on American Idol during a talent show many moons ago. It still makes him laugh remembering “judging” the varied talent, including bagpipe players and Scottish dancers. Memories like this are extra special because of some of the new friends met along the way – friends they wouldn’t have made otherwise including the enduring friendship with the delightful octogenarian, Enid. “Sorrento Friends!” as David likes to say.

These two, and their large extended families have also started another annual tradition here at Sorrento by creating a cribbage tournament.  Coming out of the pandemic last year, the cribbage tournament was a great way to gather people by the fire, laugh, play games, and reconnect with each other which wasn’t possible a few years ago.  

When asked why they keep coming back to Sorrento Centre Andrew had this to say: “It’s a great place to come for a holiday or getaway. The location is beautiful, weather is always nice even when it’s not that nice. It’s so nice to be here. It’s very relaxing. And it’s very safe.” As a father, “one of the things we really like is that our children – Logan is 6 now – can just get up in the morning and go outside and ride his bike around for an hour before we get up out of bed. And he’s perfectly fine, he’s perfectly safe. Safe, fun, and relaxing.”

David says “there’s a sense of love and peace here that I think we don’t often get in this world and even if we were to go on a holiday somewhere else, we would be losing that spiritual-ness that we get here. People are vulnerable, and conversational and have this attitude of wanting to get to know one other and support one another. If you want a place to relax but also have a place of hope, it’s a good place to be.”  

We look forward to welcoming David, Andrew and their children every year as they create those fond memories that bond their family together. We can’t wait to hear more of David’s and Andrew’s beautiful music and see their family grow, thrive, and continue to fall in love with Sorrento Centre.″ allow=”fullscreen

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