Meet Erin and Maureen

also known as Alex’s mom and grandma

The beautiful mother-daughter duo, Erin and Maureen, were here recently for their annual trip to Sorrento Centre and to visit the incredibly talented Alex Passmore, Erin’s son, and Maureen’s grandson. (You can meet Alex here)

Alex is part of our summer youth staff and generously shares his love for children and musical abilities which Maureen proudly exclaims “runs in the family!”

Maureen and Erin have both been coming here since the 1980s and Sorrento is still their home away from home. They both still enjoy attending the workshops, going to worship, spending time by the lake, and of course, just being able to get the family together for some quality time outdoors.

Coming here since she was a child and Erin has enjoyed watching her own son grow up and fall in love with Sorrento the same way she has. She recalls meeting Elizabeth May (BC Member of Parliament) here back in 2017, which had a profound impact on their family and inspired Alex to study political science. 
Music is so important to this family, and three generations share that love by creating musical magic here at Sorrento Centre. Maureen is a piano teacher, and one of her favourite memories involves a pickup truck, a piano, and Godspell – a hilarious story you must hear by watching the video below…
It has been an absolute delight getting to know Maureen and Erin the past week. We have seen their joy and love of Sorrento Centre shine so bright. They know that the work done at Sorrento Centre is so important for families and the greater community.

We look forward to seeing them again in the coming years!

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