Meet Erin Barr

“it’s such a welcoming place… come!”

Erin Barr is another familiar face around here –  she has been coming here since 1969 and over the years she has definitely made her mark here. From working on summer youth staff in the 70s, music director to now sitting on our board of directors.

Fun fact: Erin has a Sorrento love story to share!

During a recent camping trip, Erin took a moment from catching up with family and old Sorrento friends to talk about some of the reasons she keeps coming back. In her video below you can hear some of those reasons including love, friendship, and community as the heart of why she keeps coming to Sorrento Centre.

Erin shares some wonderful memories as described in the video below: fond memories of sitting by the warm campfires, the sound of kids laughing and the beautiful peace that Sorrento Centre brings.

It has been so lovely catching up with Erin and seeing her love of Sorrento Centre shine so bright! We hope to see her again and again and again!

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