Meet John McQuarrie

Luthier and lover of bluegrass

NimbleFingers brings such energy to Sorrento Centre with lots of banjo players, bass players, guitar players and all kinds of other bluegrass musicians – strumming away playing beautiful music in every nook and cranny. The music sounds so wonderful, partly in thanks to the onsite luthier, John McQuarrie. What is a luthier you might ask? Well for the full answer to that question you have to watch John explain it, but basically John keeps the music going and the musicians happy!

John’s passion for music has spanned over 40 years. Can you guess what John’s first instrument was without watching the video? We’ll give you a hint it was made out of rubber bands.

He loves bluegrass, community and just helping people play music. We are so grateful we had an opportunity to chat with John amidst the crazy and electrifying week we’ve had, and we are so lucky to see him smiling face year after year at NimbleFingers. 

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