Meet Joy Thompson

Nurturer of roses and young people

Joy Thompson, along with her husband David Thompson, have been long-time friends of Sorrento Centre.

Listen in as Joy shares just a few of the many memories she has of Sorrento Centre. Her familiar giggle will make you smile as she tells how much fun she has had in the rose garden, teaching and sewing and all of the fun she would have with her dear friends.  Did you know Joy sponsors the summer youth staff every year on an excursion – just this past weekend the youth went to see Caravan Farm Theatre. Thank you Joy!

We also have to thank Joy and David for our beautiful rose garden…  they were the first to plant rose bushes years ago. You must hear Joy talk about how the rose garden came to be, fun fact did you know the rose garden was originally supposed to be at Caritas?

The Thompson family have made a lasting impact here and will forever be a part of Sorrento Centre’s history.  We miss Joy as much as she misses Sorrento Centre and hope to see her smiling face back at Sorrento Centre again soon, sitting by the roses with her favourite cup of tea!

Thank you Joy and David for all they have done and all they continue to do for the Sorrento family! 

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