Meet Kirsten Maier

Comes here to recreate and find connection with nature

Another “Sorrento Centre kid”, Kirsten spent some of her childhood living here. For her, Sorrento Centre has always been a place she can call home. Fun fact: did you know Kirsten’s father, Alfred Maier, helped build the chapel and the Kekuli? 
Kirsten has always believed Sorrento Centre lives up to its reputation as a place of belonging, healing, and transformation for all, and she expresses love and belief in the work being done at the centre. Her experiences over the years here at Sorrento Centre have aided her strong passion for helping people and have shaped her to become the person that she is today. Hear some of her unique insight in the video below. 
Kirsten currently lives and works as a clinical psychologist in San Francisco California with her husband and new puppy. And sometimes when they are visiting Kirsten’s family, Inge and Alfred here in Sorrento, they book use of office space in Spes Bona to meet with their clients via zoom. The best of both worlds!

She will be back in summer 2023 along with her husband Berne, both Jungian trained therapists, as they lead the course Coming Home to Yourself in week five. This retreat will be an intellectual and experiential journey to understand and more deeply develop our relationship to both ourselves and the divine; using the lenses of spiritual accompaniment and Jungian psychology.

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