Meet Lilian Bouclin

“A place of healing, love, and acceptance”

We always love seeing new faces! Lilian Bouclin, a former social worker, decided to come to Sorrento Centre this summer to celebrate her retirement.

She originally planned to stay for two weeks but after falling in love with the journaling workshop and watercolour workshop she decided to extend her stay an extra week and participate in a weaving workshop.

She told us this was the first time in over 20 years she did something just for herself. We are so happy to hear that she was able to take some time to relax and pamper herself and what a great way to kick off her retirement journey.  

This is not the first time Lilian has come to Sorrento Centre to celebrate milestones in her life – she shares an intimate memory of a time in her life when Sorrento Centre played an proved to be an ideal place for her. 

She returned to Sorrento Centre for the Ukulele Festival earlier this summer after she beat cancer for the second time. Here she feels embraced by the community and is able to connect with all kinds of people and she felt so happy she had people to celebrate her survival journey with, given that her family lives far away.

For Lilian, Sorrento Centre has been a place of healing, love, and acceptance. We are so overjoyed she has been able to create such wonderful memories here and she has already made plans to return with her whole family so they too can experience the magic of Sorrento! 

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