Meet Lisa Lee

Lisa comes all the way from Toronto Ontario and has been coming to Sorrento Centre since her children were little – and keeps coming back year after year she loves it that much! In fact, the first year she came she extended her stay for another week they were having such a great time! She speaks about the genuine sense of belonging she and her children experience at Sorrento Centre. “Everyone is so welcoming, so kind, open and caring… you can’t not feel the peace of this place when you arrive and drive down the driveway.”

Her enthusiastic love for the centre, and her desire to share that love will be blessing all who come to Sorrento Centre this year as Lisa is volunteering as the “official ambassador”.  She’ll be around to help anyone make the most of their stay. As she says “I love people, I love the centre… so bonus for me!”

No Lisa, the bonus is for us! Welcome to the team – thank you for helping us celebrate our 60th anniversary!

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