Meet Lynn Knox

20 years of memories, friendship, and quilting creations

A perennial and popular face here at Sorrento Centre, Lynn Knox and her posse of quilters have certainly made their mark here. What started as an invitation to teach during “quilting week” has blossomed into a 20-year relationship with our Centre.

Throughout those 20 years, Lynn has created lifelong friendships, taught countless quilting classes and she even started a strip poker tradition here. No, no, not that kind of strip poker – they play for strips of fabric! Lynn never gets tired of recanting the story of the first time she invited our Executive Director Michael to his first strip poker game and the look on his face was priceless.

Besides causing a little bit of mayhem and excitement, Lynn has also generously given back to our Centre. She, along with the rest of the ladies from Absolutely Obsessed, have donated roses to our beautiful garden, the two benches that sit in front of Caritas, and a number of quilts!

When asked if she has a favourite memory at Sorrento Lynn slyly smiles saying “maybe… do I have to think about it right away?” of course with 20 years of history it’s hard to pick a favourite memory!

One of the things Lynn loves about Sorrento Centre is the wonderful kitchen team here that takes care of her quilting crew: “Don’t have to cook, don’t have to do any dishes. Even better you don’t have to decide what to make!” When asked why Lynn keeps coming back, she said “just everything it’s nice and clean, it’s good!”

We always love having Lynn stay with us at Sorrento Centre. Her witty personality and incredible poker face are staples here every fall and spring. Whenever Lynn and the Absolutely Obsessed quilting ladies are here Caritas is filled with laughter, smiles, and lots and lots of fabric strips all over the place!

Thank you to Lynn for taking the time to sit down with us and sharing why she loves Sorrento as much as we do.   

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