Meet Marlene Stevenson

… sharing the magic of Sorrento Centre

Hailing from Calgary, she and her late husband, Carl, made frequent visits to Sorrento throughout their lives and Marlene continues to come to Sorrento to visit what she describes as her second home. Marlene has played a very active role as a volunteer:  she has worked in the garden, in the kitchen, she has been a greeter – the list goes on and on.

Fun fact, did you know Carl Stevenson was actually the one who planted Fifi, our ‘smoking’ willow tree located near Richardson? 

Just hearing her stories describing the important history of Sorrento Centre makes us wish we had a video camera to capture some of those moments. Luckily, we have Marlene to vividly describe the magic of Sorrento and the magic it still holds for future generations to come. You must listen to her describe Sorrento Centre with such fondness and love. It will make your heart melt.
Marlene has formed lifelong friendships here and created a little community here for her family. In fact, Sorrento Centre is so special to the Stevenson family, some of Carl’s ashes were spread over our memorial garden. 
It has been a pleasure getting to know Marlene and getting to hear all her wonderful memories. We look forward to seeing her again soon because as she says Sorrento Centre is her favourite place to visit! 

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