Meet Mary Graham

… a true restorative vacation

“I feel this is a place that lives into its values”

Several years ago, a friend recommended Sorrento Centre as a place Mary could bring her children, where they could all have a holiday (not just the kids).

She’s been coming ever since building memories, getting soaked in the traditional water fight, displaying ukulele skills at the talent night, enjoying meals made by others, and building memories! (author: yes, I wrote building memories twice) As a single mom with four busy children, she finds peace and comfort and rest here knowing her kids (ages 7-15) are all happily occupied, and she can enjoy her holiday too!

Read what her young daughter Roxy thinks about Sorrento Centre…

Mary can find some peace and quiet, and valuable adult time, knowing her kids are safe and having fun on their adventures. And then, there’s always talent night!

“It’s more than a vacation… it’s about belonging, it’s about connection and it’s about learning” in a special place where my family can get all its needs met.

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